How to Install a Snow Blade on a Craftsman Lawn Mower

Craftsman lawn mowers’ tractor frames include mounting holes that can be used to install optional snow blade attachments. The snow blade attachments allow for the raising and lowering of the blade, and also pivoting. A handle grip is attached to a handle tube, and permutations of pulling back, lifting up and pushing down on the handle perform various operations. To install a snow blade on a Craftsman mower, you must first assemble it.

  • 1 Assemble the pivot plate bracket to the front of the frame using the included bolts. Straighten the bracket and tighten it. Assemble the two angle lock bars together and align the holes. Insert the round hook end of the angle lock spring up through the hole in the bracket.

  • 2

    Hold the angle lock bars so the square holes are at the top. Insert the straight hook end of the angle lick spring through the center hole in both angle lock bars. Insert the angle lock bars through the slot in the channel and add a 1-inch ling spacer underneath the channel on each side of the lock bars. Insert a bolt and secure. Tighten the angle lock bars bolt.

  • 3

    Hammer a palnut onto one end of the spring mount rod and insert the other end of the spring mount rod through the pivot plate. Hammer the remaining palnut onto the other end of the rod. Secure the cable mount bracket with a bolt and tighten. Assemble the control cable to the mount bracket. Attach the blade to the channel assembly and secure with cotter pins.

  • 4

    Remove the plastic cap and a nut from the bolt in the blade adjust the spring, and hook the spring over the spring mount rod. Re-attach the cap. Assemble the washer on the channel pivot pin and attach the channel to the tractor.

  • 5

    Assemble the lift handle by attaching it to the tube, then attach the tube. Insert the cable through the cable mount bracket on the lift handle tube. Attach the plastic grip and tie the cable to the outside of the handle tube with the cable ties.

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